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Custom-made tights with a logo design

Aren’t your clients bored with regular gifts anymore? Would you like to get something special? Do you need a strong marketing message aimed at women?

Promotional tights will be great!


At MIXgrafik you can order tights from our offer; plain or patterned, individually packed according to your design.

Unique packaging for tights is an idea for a cheap and effective gift. This option is combined with fast order processing (up to 3 days), low cost and proven product quality.

It is a perfect solution when you want to give gifts to employees, clients or potential contractors. Tights are a gift that will always come in handy.


It is possible to produce tights according to your pattern, in any color and placed in the packaging indicated by you.

Due to technical difficulties, the implementation of 3,000 pieces per size / pattern.

Remember that you can always use our ready-made projects!

When you think of patterned pantyhose, you probably have mixed feelings. Usually the models are not very interesting and original. What if you could create such a pattern yourself? See what it will look like on the fabric before you make your first tights series?

We give you this opportunity! We will transfer your idea for a pattern, we will make, pack and deliver tights with any pattern to you or your clients.

There are many possibilities of locating the logo on the pantyhose! Maybe on the foot or ankle? Or maybe the back of the pantyhose? Think about where you would like to see your logo.

Don’t be afraid of the extensive patterns! Gucii’s tights, as well as those of other large companies, are entirely dotted with logos. The motif runs all the way over the pantyhose leg, from the toes to the gusset. Your pattern can be all over the pantyhose or just a fragment.

Want something a bit more subdued? Choose patterned tights

Imagine that your company has a theme in the form of completely neutral, but so distinctive graphics that no one will mistake it for any other. Will you like a tights with such a pattern? There is no other option!

You can add a small logo on the fingers (at the same time large enough to be clearly visible when putting on). The toe seam is the most important – we adjust it the most.

Feel free to contact us and get a quote!

Order an individual packaging design for tights

Send us your graphic materials and we will prepare and print a packaging design for tights for you. If you have your tights, we can pack them or provide you with ready-made packaging.

Custom-made tights packaging with your own print
Custom-made tights packaging with your own print

Do you need standard tights packed in their own packaging?

We can pack tights for you in individual packaging. The products, without branding or patterns, come from our inventory. You can develop the packaging yourself in terms of graphics or marketing. Alternatively, commission the design to our graphic designers.

Features of classic tights

Custom-made tights with an individual pattern and packaging
Custom-made tights with an individual pattern and packaging
  • basic pantyhose and pantyhose
  • full range of thicknesses from 8, 11, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 DEN
  • standard composition: Spandex: 15%, Polyamide: 85%, depending on the selected pantyhose model

Write us what tights you would like to receive, and we will prepare proposals that meet your expectations!

Promotional tights with their own packaging

Order promotional tights packed in a package with your own graphic. Choose the color and thickness of the tights and we will pack them in aesthetic packaging with your print.

Advertising TIGHTS advertising stocking
Advertising TIGHTS advertising stocking

Time to make a simple decision

Are you interested in your own tights with personalized packaging? Contact us. We will design and deliver packages or a finished product in packages with your pattern.

Design the packaging for tights today or let us do it. Use the packaging template for promotional tights below and send it for a quote along with the expected quantity.

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