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Order hair bands with your logo

Hair band rubbers with logo
Hair band rubbers with logo

We make hair bands with your logo. Do you need elastics to clip your hair while cutting? Or maybe it is important to you that your clients or clients remember you after leaving the hairdressing salon?

We offer hair bands in any color and width with a logo. The elastics are made of an elastic fabric where the logo or inscription is woven with a colored thread.

Custom logo hair bands

Hair bands with your own design are sold in packs of 1000. in a bag ready to use. It is possible to pack in smaller quantities to be able to offer as a product for everyday use.

Do you want to see your logo on the elastic before you buy? We will prepare a visualization for you. The colors of the hair bands with the logo are almost any. Possibility to mix a minimum of 1000 pieces of color. Possibility to personalize the strength of the eraser.

No allergic reactions to the materials used were found. The materials used are certified by Oeco tex Standard. Hair bands can be washed and used many times.

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