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Individual packages for heaters

Aesthetic, dedicated packaging is as important as the heater itself. It is possible to pack the heater in a transparent box with a printed insert, a bag with a label or in a cardboard box with a full-color print. Got another idea? We can pack the heater in the packaging indicated by you

Hand warmer in a sweater with instructions for use, packed in a bag.

The hand warmer comes without packaging as standard. The simplest solution is to pack in a bag, but adding instructions for use as on the left we can personalize it with company colors and your own marketing message and add branding.

Adding instructions allows you to place your company logo and e.g. wishes, and at the same time is the cheapest form of packaging.

See what the standard instruction looks like:

Instructions for use of the hand warmer with a badge in a sweater

Thanks to the aforementioned assortment, you can pack the heater in an economical packaging, as well as add value to it through the packaging. In both cases, you have the option of carrying your marketing message – the heater packaging offers a lot of space.

hand warmers with logo on request
hand warmers with logo on request

3 types of packages for a heater with your own imprint

Hand warmer packaging with your own imprint


Hand warmer packaging – bag + printed cardboard box

hand warmers with logo on request


Hand warmer packaging – cardboard box, card packaging with a cut-out



Hand warmer packaging – tray for hand warmer with a clip


Do you need a different packaging?

All you have to do is describe them in an e-mail or send a photo. We will try to find a supplier or work out a way to do it and deliver it at the lowest possible price.

Two-pack – elegant packaging for socks and / or hand warmer

We present our novelty – premium packaging as below. Two pairs of socks fit in it, a pair of socks and one warmer or two warmers . It is possible to include one heater with wishes or other materials according to your wishes in the premium package. Packaging, as well as socks, can be fully personalized.

Elegant double-pack packaging for socks with a logo pattern
Elegant double-pack packaging for socks with a logo pattern

We can also prepare a graphic design. Our graphic department will meet even the most demanding projects. However, if you want to do the project yourself. Above are templates for preparing a design for your own hand warmer packaging.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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