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Laptop camera cover with logo

FREE OF CHARGE! 3D visualisation and aesthetic design of a webcam blocker

A laptop camera cover is an ideal gadget – small but always visible. The logo on the cover will also always be visible.

Additionally – the laptop camera blocker is a functional gadget that, in addition to its marketing utility, also acts as an identity security device. Moreover, it increases the aesthetic value of the laptop, as you no longer need to cover the camera with a sticking plaster.

The cover, also known as a blocker, allows you to tastefully block out your laptop or tablet camera without losing its functionality. At any time, you can slide the blocker open to be able to use the webcam while teleconferencing or video recording.

Webcam covers are an ideal gadget for the HR industry! Do you need an inexpensive gift for trade shows? The laptop camera cover is the ideal gadget as it is practical and always visible.

An additional advantage is that the logo on the cover is at eye level and is visible at all times, regardless of whether the blocker is open or closed.

The minimum order quantity for webcam covers is 100 pieces. Write to us and place an order!

Laptop camera cover with logo with customised overprint manufacturer

By ordering a sliding webcam cover you receive:

  • a cover with full colour printing in accordance with your design – the thickness of the cover is only 1 mm
  • personalised information card printed on both sides, 55×85 mm;
  • a highly transparent polypropylene bag;
  • packs of 20-30 pieces for easier storage and distribution.

The webcam blockers can also be supplied with different packaging or without any. We also insert laptop camera covers into other packaging and printing materials entrusted to us.

Learn more about webcam covers <<

With a camera blocker, you can be 100% sure that no one sees your passwords, bank codes, your flat, or simply you.

Contrary to what you might think – a notebook camera is easy to hack, despite the system security solutions. In such a case, the camera works without your knowledge and transmits images to the Internet. The only protection is a miniature cover (webcam blocker/sliding cover):

  • ensures privacy;
  • aesthetic;
  • self-adhesive;
  • smoothly covers and uncovers;
  • high quality.

Here are our exemplary realisations of the laptop webcam covers

laptop camera cover protection Sokołów
laptop camera cover protection Sokołów
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