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Socks sizes and compositions

Sock sizes table

tabela rozmiarów skarpet - socks size chart - W143

The most popular sizes:
the equivalent of MIXfamale and MIXmale.

Standard socks sizes are not enough for you? See the extended size chart

tabela rozmiarów skarpet - socks size chart - W143
Socks size chart extended


The sizes of socks are not strictly assigned to age or gender, but with some simplification, dependencies can be noticed.

  • children’s socks 31-34, 35-37
  • women’s socks 35-37, 38-40, 41-43
  • men’s socks 38-40, 41-43, 44-46
  • on request, we make socks in other sizes, from babies to oversize

What is the ONE SIZE sock?

One Size socks have been created so that you do not have to wonder if the recipients will receive the correct sock size.

By ordering a one size heelless sock – the so-called tube, you will receive a sock that will be slightly longer on people with a smaller foot, and will be slightly shorter on those with a large foot.

The comfort of use is close to normal sizes. If you want to check it yourself – order samples.

50 pairs – in one size *

100 pairs – you can divide into two sizes * in any proportion.

For example – when you order 100 pairs of socks with your own design, you can choose:
– 55 pairs in size 35-37,
– 45 pairs in size 41-43.

– 60 pairs of MIX famale,
– 40 pairs of MIX male.

… Or in any proportion.

150 pairs – allows you to order 3 sizes of socks * in any proportion for the price.

* If you need more sizes, not socks, that’s also possible – ask your caregiver.

See what is the difference between socks with and without heels:

skarpetki z piętą
Classic socks with a heel

division into sizes, one, two or three sizes

Skarpetki one size bez pięty - rozmiar uniwersalny
Classic socks without heels – ONE SIZE

no division into sizes, the sock fits both smaller and larger feet

Socks Quality in fibres and composition



Oeko tex standard certyficate
Oeko tex standard certyficate

fine quality combed COTTON

(gives comfort of use).

You could use any colours from our cotton socks table.



(increase strenght).

We use high quality polyamide. It color depend to cotton.


fine quality combed ELASTANE

(adds elasticity).

We use thin and durable elastic fibres which gives the best performence for socks.

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