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Types of socks available on request

We have been producing custom socks for many years. We know that it is not always possible to choose a product from those generally available. Therefore for years We have expanded our offer to dozens of sock types, variants, etc.

You don’t need to know anything about it! We are the specialists. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, we have included the most frequently selected socks below. If you need unusual socks, just tell us about your expectations and we will do our best to meet them.

The most frequently ordered socks:

  • classic smooth socks MODEL 131 – for all circumstances;
  • MODEL 531 sports socks – for sports funk clubs and sports teams, in the version of smooth ropes 631 with a semi-fleece on the bottom of the sock
  • Classic bicycle ankle socks, MODEL 521 and MODEL 111 – cyclists, on trampolines in ABS version.

Classic socks – Casual line

MODEL: 001

Invisible socks

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MODEL: 101

Foot socks

MODEL: 111

Ankle socks – cycling short socks

Idealne na trampoliny
MODEL: 121

3/4 socks

MODEL: 131

Classic socks

MODEL: 141

Calf-length socks

MODEL: 151

Knee-high socks

MODEL: 161

Over-the-knee socks

Sports socks – Sport line

MODEL: 001

Invisible socks

MODEL: 501

Sports socks

MODEL: 511

Sports ankle socks – cycling short

MODEL: 521

3/4 sports socks – long bicycle socks

Perfect for a bike
MODEL: 531

Classic sports socks

Proven in motor sports
MODEL: 541

Calf-length sports socks

MODEL: 551

Sports knee socks

MODEL: 561

Sports socks

Additional technical modifications of socks:

  • terry reinforcement zones – single and double thread;
  • mesh ventilation zones;
  • air ducts for better ventilation;
  • double thickness for classic socks;
  • additional welts: in the foot, above the ankle and anywhere in the socks;
  • patterning with terry – apart from an additional layer of terry loops, they can be given a color different than the rest of the sock, and patterned on this part of the sock;
  • mesh modeling;
  • various types of welts – visual effect and compression.

Aesthetic modifications:

  • color patterning on the sock – with a colored thread – any pattern;
  • elastic print on a cotton sock – with the thermal transfer method
  • printing on a polyester sock – sublimation;
  • embroidery on socks – in one and in many places;
  • sewing labels to socks;
  • socks made of melange, spliced and twisted to order;
  • possibility of production from supplied yarns.

Order socks in 3 easy steps

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