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We’re glad to hear from you!

We will try to answer your questions as quickly and as best we can. We invite you to contact us, by e-mail, phone, through the form and in our office.

Contact – manufacture of socks on request

Office:STRIPES Jarosław Zawadzki

al. Chryzantem 8

91-718 Łódź, Poland
VAT: PL725 198 33 05

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Contact to us:

Karolina Lewandowska
// custom socks // hand warmers //

phone/WhatsApp +48.698 740 030

Jarek Zawadzki
// camera covers // custom socks // hand warmers //

phone/WhatsApp +48.502 464 683

You can also write to us using a simple form or traditionally by e-mail or telephone.

E-mail zostanie wysłany do info@mixgrafik.pl i na podany przez Ciebie adres.

Do you need custom socks with your own logo, socks with your club’s logo? Write to us, we will prepare a visualization and develop a packaging design. We will also be happy to design other graphic materials for your company or club. Get to know our offer.

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