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Individual socks with logo – finalist of the competition Good Design 2019 category service manufacture of socks on request
We make custom socks with your logo and/or design

For who we make custom socks ?

We provide professional service for:

  • companies,
  • schools from kindergartens, through primary, secondary and higher education,
  • sports clubs,
  • clothing brands,
  • advertising agencies,
  • bloggers,
  • individual clients

Our advantages – what will you gain?

CUSTOMIZATION Each order is treated individually.

VISUALISATIONS We prepare a 2D visualization of the pattern on the sock, usually several proposals together with the price offer, followed by 3D visualizations and sample socks.

Thanks to this you know what the sock will look like when you order it. therefore, it saves you money and time.

CORRECTION The best evidence of the possibilities are provided by the images from our realisations. Some of them are visible on the website. Custom socks can have a pattern framed at the production stage, or printed with sublimation technique.

CONSULTATION We advise on the selection of raw materials, sizes, sock types and pattern form. If necessary, we will prepare a sock pattern from scratch, a packaging design, have it printed and packed.

UNCONVENTIONAL PROJECTS We also make unusual socks with fancy terry zones, additional welts and unusual materials.

Additional features of additional futures of custom socks

Socks Quality in fibres and composition



Oeko tex standard certyficate
Oeko tex standard certyficate

Download Oeco tex standard certyficate for custom made socks


fine quality combed COTTON

(gives comfort of use).

You could use any colours from our cotton socks table.



(increase strenght).

We use high quality polyamide. It color depend to cotton.


fine quality combed ELASTANE

(adds elasticity).

We use thin and durable elastic fibres which gives the best performence for socks.

Sample pack

Most commonly ordered socks:


Examples of custom socks:

Skarpetki na zamówienie kryptowaluty bitcoin custom socks design 69
Skarpetki na zamówienie Zaksa kibicowskie custom socks design 02
Skarpetki na zamówienie wzór elektroniczny klasyczne custom socks design 82
Custom socks sii ducks custom socks design 07
Skarpetki na zamówienie kryptowaluty bitcoin custom socks design 69
Skarpetki na zamówienie solaris autobusy komunikacja miejscka custom socks design 73
skarpetka rowerowa z siateczką na zamówienie
skarpetka sportowa z herbem gladka na zamowienie
skarpetka sportowa z herbem gladka na zamowienie
Skarpetki na zamówienie Warszawa syrenka custom socks design 16

Ankle socks with your logo/print – examples:

Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo Zaksa kibicowskie dla kibiców siatkówki
Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo jednorożec tęcza łodź
Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo new bed line
Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo X
Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo HK
Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo Sylaba kibicowskie
Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo VODKA
Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo Laveo
Skarpetki stopki na zamówienie z logo czerwone

Invisible socks to moccasins with logo:

Custom socks invisible for moccasins with logo

What is the process of ordering socks with your own print?

  • Socks model 131 – classic for all circumstances,
  • Socks model 632- for sports funclubs and teams,
  • Smooth bike socks model 111 – cyclists, (trampolines in this case socks are with anti-slip rubber).

Also available:

  • invisible socks (they end up in front of the ankle and are not visible from the shoe)
  • classic sizes and for elongated feet
  • bicycle socks (short, long and knee socks)
  • classic socks (happy socks, with smooth texture and 3-4cm welt)
  • classic sports socks (with a long puller)
  • knee socks
  • over knee socks

Sock sizes:


The most commonly selected sizes are the size equivalent of MIXdam and MIXM (37-40) and 41-44)

Additional advantages:
own graphic studio
care for the accuracy of the reproduction of the logo, pattern
care for colour
expertise in raw materials, knitting and printing techniques
we undertake difficult and unfeasible tasks
short lead time
courier or own delivery in Poland and Europe

>>Download a pdf template of the classic sock for the project <<

or send us a logo, we’ll do the design for you. The template is compatible with Adobe Illustrator and has many useful features.
You can freely shorten and lengthen the upper to create other variants of the socks (foots/bike/ knee socks).

3D visualizations for faster file acceptance.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

skarpetki kot pies z własnym wzorem zadrukiem psy czy koty

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